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SecureSlide Window Locks - 12 Pack with Key

Secure Your Home with Ease: Get 12 Pack Sliding Window Locks with Key - Perfect for Childproofing Your Windows and Doors!

- Bulk Purchase: Buying in bulk provides a cost-effective solution for securing multiple windows and doors. The 12 pack sliding window locks offer great value for money, especially for larger properties.
- Easy to Install: The sliding door security locks are easy to install and do not require any special tools or skills. You can easily install them yourself and ensure that your property is secure in no time.

The 12 Pack Sliding Window Locks Bulk with Key is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their home, office or bedroom safe and secure. These window locks are designed to work with both vertical and horizontal sliding windows and doors, making them a versatile choice for any space. The adjustable sliding door security feature ensures that the locks fit perfectly, providing an extra layer of protection against unwanted intruders. The childproof window stoppers are also a great feature, preventing children from accidentally opening windows and potentially putting themselves in danger. With the included keys, you can easily unlock the locks when needed, while keeping them securely locked at all other times. These window locks are an affordable and effective way to enhance the security of your space, giving you peace of mind and added protection.